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Our Mission:

First, we want to help adoptive families stay intact by providing tools, resources, education, inspiration, encouragement, fellowship, and prayer in a family camp type setting. We want all orphans to have families, and part of that pledge is to help struggling/exhausted adoptive families to stay on course.

Second, we want to come alongside families in the process of adopting by helping them to prepare for the transition into life after adoption. By having these families stay with us, they will live the post-adoptive life first-hand, taking home many tips, tools, and techniques learned with on-the-job training.

Third, we want to host potential adoptive families in our home to encourage them to consider adopting a child with special needs. By staying with us, they will see first-hand the blessing and redemption of the least of these who are so often badly abused and neglected {before being adopted}.

Fourth, we want to host people who have a heart for mission work, particularly in serving children with special needs. By serving at our ranch, we pray God will open other people's eyes, hearts, and homes to adoption and orphan care. If guests do not feel called to adopt, they can partner with Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries so that we can help care for orphans globally in a myriad of ways, from orphanage sponsorships, to orphan sponsorships, to orphan advocacy, to helping raise money to bring orphans into families. The ways we can help financially are countless, we just need partnerships and financial support in order to do so.